Fine Art By Marina - From the Show: Flavor & Fragrance
From the Show:
"Flavor and Fragrance"
“Manzanas Rojas”
(Red Apples)
“Tres Peras”
(Three Pears)
Vino y Pescado (Wine and Fish)
Dos Ajos y una Cebolla (Two Garlics and One Onion)
“Dos Ajos y una Cebolla”
(Two Garlics, One Onion)
“Vino y Pescado”
(Wine and Fish)
Rosas Amarillas (Yellow Roses)
Florero Azul, Pluma Roja (Blue Vase, Red Feather)
“Rosas Amarillas”
(Yellow Roses)
“Florero Azul, Pluma Roja”
(Blue Vase, Red Feather)
Un Petit Bouquet I
Un Petit Bouquet II
Rosas y Encaje (Roses and Lace)
“Un Petit
Bouquet I”
“Rosas y Encaje”
(Roses and Lace)
“Un Petit
Bouquet II”
Aquacates (Avocados)
Manzanas Rojas (Red Apples)
About these paintings…
Being a romantic at heart, every
once in a while my imagination
transports me to other periods in
time.  This happens more so when I
am thumbing through a book with
paintings from the masters.  

Flavor and Fragrance was born
while thumbing through books with
paintings by Henri Fontan Latour
and Manet.  These were paintings
of flowers and food, filled with
color, like little jewels that one
wants to look at very closely.

At first it was a challenge, and
then I could not stop.  I have tried
to make these little paintings have a
very personal feel.  
Tres Peras (Three Pears)
Marina De Silva