Fine Art By Marina - Homage to the Masters
I paint because I have to; because there is a force
inside of me that tells me that I must record the
things around me that move me and touch my soul.  

We live in a world within a universe filled with
wondrous beauty. Landscapes with infinite views
of skies, oceans, land, fauna and flora surround
us.  The look of a child with wonder in his eyes, or
of an old person whose wrinkled face is like a
detailed map of his or her journey, or the beauty of
the human form, to name a few, are some of the
things that make me want to paint, that make me
want to freeze that moment in time, that certain
look, that particular place…

For me, each painting is a challenge; each painting
is a pleasure.   A blank canvas makes me feel fear
and excitement.  I am fearful of the possibility of
failing, of the moments of self-doubt in the wee
hours of the morning, of the loneliness, at times, of
the process of painting.   Moreover, I feel
excitement when I think of the journey in front of
me.  That journey that is the process by which I will
try to transfer to the canvas, that pause in time,
that bit of beauty that made me want to create that
painting in the first place.   I also feel excitement in
the anticipation of seeing the piece completed, of
the feeling of accomplishment that a finished
canvas can give.

In my work, I sometimes use photos as a reference,
sometimes I paint from life, and sometimes my
imagination is all I need.  I can not put a label to my
work because I am constantly experimenting, but in
general, I tend to be a Romantic Realist.   I love to
paint anything that inspires and move me:
landscapes, still lives, the human figure,
animals….  However, I feel especially drawn to
portraiture, religious iconography and surrealistic
themes.  I feel that a painting is finished when I
know I have done the very best I that can do with it.

I do not want my work to preach or reform nor do I
want to be an advocate for anything.  I just want to
tell a story, to show a moment in time.  My hope is
that my work will inspire the onlooker to
contemplate the more pleasant and beautiful
things in life.
Mother and Child III (Homage to Pablo Picasso)
Mother and Child II ( Homage to Amadeo Modigliani)
“Mother and Child III”
Homage to
Pablo Picasso
“Mother and Child II”
Homage to
Amadeo Modigliani
Madonna and Child II (Homage to Domenikos Thetokopulos ~
Mother and Child I (Homage to Paul Gaugin)
“Mother and Child I”
Homage to
Paul Gaugin
“Madonna and Child II”
Homage to
Domenikos Thetokopulos
" El Grecco"
The Creation (Homage to Micheangelo)
Madonna and Child I (Homage to Albretch Durer)
Marina De Silva
“Madonna and Child I”
Homage to
Albretch Durer
"The Creation"
Homage to
Impressions of Redemption as Viewed Through a Winged Box (A Dream-Remembering Dali)
Waterlilies (Homage to Claude Monet)
Homage to
Claude Monet
“Impressions of Redemption, as Viewed Through a Winged Box”
(A Dream-Remembering Dali)
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"A Body of Work" & "Homage to the Masters"