Born in Havana, Cuba, I spent my formative years growing
up in a Catholic boarding school.  As a child I developed a
passion for drawing, but was unsupported in my attempts
by the nuns that ran the school.  However, I was able to
redirect my zeal by excelling in the area of performing arts.  
At different times, from the age of six until eighteen, I
worked in radio (soap operas and advertising), theatre
(acting, singing and Spanish dancing), and television
(modeling and advertising).

At age twenty, I accepted a job working for Pan American
Airlines in Florida and, for the next ten years, I traveled
extensively throughout the world.

Later, I settled in California with my husband, George De
Silva, a Brazilian architect and artist.  It was he who
encouraged me and rekindled in me the desire to paint.  
Although, most of my time was consumed by being a wife
and mother of two girls and a boy, for the next few years I
managed to attend a few art workshops and complete a
couple of paintings.  I was very proud of these first attempts.

My husband’s job took us to live in Argentina and Brazil for
several years.  We returned to California and with the
children now in school, I became totally immersed in a
business career as a Systems Analyst for a major
telecommunications company.  Then, in 1994, George
passed away.

In 1997, I married Don Lopez and life began to return to
normal.  The desire to paint returned and with his
encouragement, I retired from my business career in 1998
and began to paint on a more regular basis.
Marina De Silva
Marina De Silva
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